ASEAN Forests

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ASEAN’s forests have high species diversity and
endemicity, making them one of the world’s critical
habitats; and thus, highly important to global
environmental sustainability and stability (ACB,
2010). However, the region’s forest areas have
been declining due to agricultural expansion;
increased use of forest resources of a growing
population; pressures due to increasing timber
demand; illegal logging; forest encroachment for
human settlement; infrastructure development,
shifting, and slash and burn cultivation; and forest
fires, among others. Reported forest contractions by
the ASEAN Member States (AMS) were highly
significant, losing as much as 30 to 45 percent of
forest areas in the past four decades.

Target 5 recognizes the forest as one of the
important natural habitats whose loss must
be abated or mi􀆟gated through
“improvements in produc􀆟on efficiency and
land use planning and enhanced mechanism
for natural resource governance” (CBD,

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15 January 2019