ASEAN-China Environmental Cooperation Action Plan II

ASEAN-China Environmental Cooperation Action Plan II


Partner: China ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center (CAEC)

Cost: USD 236,028.42

Duration: 2014 – 2015

The China-ASEAN Strategy on Environmental Protection Cooperation 2009-2015 jointly developed by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China and the ASEAN Secretariat basically addresses the problems through the CAEC-ACB Cooperation Plan for Biodiversity and Ecological Conservation that will be jointly implemented by the China ASEAN Environmental Cooperation Center (CAEC) and the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB).

In the “ASEAN-China Environmental Cooperation Action Plan II (2014-2015),” ASEAN and China agreed to develop and implement the Phase II of the project, which focused on the establishment of cooperation network and increase of public awareness in biodiversity and ecological conservation through information dissemination and mainstreaming of knowledge in the public awareness campaigns.

Objectives and Approach

The primary objective of the CAEC-ACB Joint Cooperation Plan is to assist and provide support to the governments of ASEAN Member States and China on the coordination and implementation of environmental cooperation policies, projects and activities between China and ASEAN on matters related to biodiversity and ecological conservation.


  1. ASEAN-China seminar on partnership for ecological friendly urban development
  2. Personnel exchange between ASEAN and Chinese institutions

Expected outputs:

  1. Proceedings of seminar is prepared and disseminated; and
  2. ASEAN officials and experts were invited to visit China and conduct exchange activities and field studies.


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