ASEAN Dashboard

The ASEAN Biodiversity Dashboard is designed to facilitate more effective and timely conservation decisions through the flexible provision of the most up-to-date biodiversity data holdings for the ASEAN region (i.e. from ASEAN Member States, ACB and, where relevant, global data sources) including from data sources found on the ASEAN Regional Clearinghouse Mechanism.  The platform is also designed to:

•   Streamline national and regional reporting and assessment processes;
•   Enable more powerful and near-real time national and regional biodiversity target tracking;
•   Facilitate more effective and ongoing evaluations of the success of conservation investments;
•   Identify critical emerging issues facing biodiversity in the ASEAN region;
•   Reveal key gaps in our understanding of biodiversity and the pressures they face; 
•   Inform more effective protected area management; and,
•   Strengthen trans-boundary conservation actions such as for the establishment of more contiguous and representative protected areas in the region.

ASEAN Dashboard Maps