Zooming in on Biodiversity: ASEAN-wide Photo Contest

This year’s Zooming in on Biodiversity photo contest includes a special category called "Life within and around ASEAN Heritage Parks."

Submissions for this category should highlight the beauty and biodiversity of any of the 49 declared ASEAN Heritage Parks (AHPs).

AHPs are protected areas of high conservation importance that feature a wide array of ecosystems representing the ASEAN region. To contribute to biodiversity conservation and management of natural resources while improving the livelihoods of local communities within and around selected AHPs, the ACB and the KfW started implementing the ACB Small Grants Programme in 2014. Since then, the SGP has been promoting the collaboration of all governmental, non-governmental, academic, and private sector organisations for biodiversity conservation.

To know more about the SGP and the AHPs, log on to www.aseanbiodiversity.org.

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