Kon Ka Kinh National Park

ASEAN Heritage Parks
Kon Ka Kinh National Park - Scenic landscapes and globally significant biodiversity
Kon Ka Kinh was established as a National Park in 2002, with a total area of 41,780 hectares, and then declared an ASEAN Heritage Park in 2003. It is located in the north-eastern region of Gia Lai province within the administrative boundaries of Dak Roong, Kroong and Kon Pne communes (Kbang rural district), Ha Dong commune (Dac Doa rural district) and Ayun commune (Mang Yang rural district).

The ASEAN Heritage Park has an important role in upstream watershed protection for several large rivers that provide water for irrigation and domestic use for a number of districts in Gia Lai and Kon Tum provinces. The west of the Park forms part of the catchment of the Yaly hydroelectric power station.

The Park straddles two catchments. Streams originating east of the Park feed the Ba River, which flows east, into the South China Sea, while west of the Park lies within the catchment of the Mekong River. Because of the steep topography, rivers and streams originating from the Park are often short, narrow and fast fl owing, with many waterfalls.

The Park has high, steep mountains in the northeast and flatter areas in the southwest. The highest point is the Kon Ka Kinh Mountain at 1,748 meters above sea level (asl) while the southwest area is below 700 meters asl.

Local people depend on the Park's resources for their firewood, honey and rattans. They also use at least 110 plant species with traditionally-known medicinal values. Use of plants in traditional medicine is widespread amongst local people, although the commercial potential of most of these species remains untapped.