Virachey National Park

ASEAN Heritage Parks
Virachey National Park - A treasure trove of biodiversity and culture
Virachey National Park was created under the Royal Decree Concerning the Creation and Designation of Protected Areas, issued on 01 November 1993, and managed by the Ministry of Environment. The Park occupies 332,500 hectares (WDPA 2010, as cited in ACB ASEAN BISS) in the extreme northeast corner of Cambodia, adjacent to the borders of Lao PDR and Viet Nam. A high percentage of ethnic minority peoples live around the Park, which falls within the Taveng and Voeun Sai districts of Ratanakiri Province and the Siem Pang district of Stung Treng Province. The streams from the mountains of Virachey contribute significantly to the flow of the Mekong River.

The mission of the Virachey National Park is to conserve and sustainably manage the natural and cultural resources of the Park in partnership with local communities and other stakeholders for the benefit of the people of the local communities and Cambodia as a nation (Hong, 2008).