Fourth National Report of Thailand

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National Report

Thailand is rich of biodiversity for long time ago. From the past until now, biodiversity plenteousness supports the Thai life to goes on with wealthy, far away from famishing and starving. Biodiversity brings Thai food a diversity of type, smell, and taste. Moreover, biodiversity appears in the form of quack medicine and maintaining healthiness. As well, biodiversity provides necessary utensil in daily life. Biodiversity is also admired and satisfied by the Thai tradition that has been inheriting until now.

Biodiversity in Thailand has long been threatened by the extension of agricultural lands and shifting cultivation. Many of water basins and wetlands have been transformed as a result of development projects, for instance, construction of mines, dams, the poaching of forests for wild orchids and wildlife, such as, bird hunting and its
egg collecting. These activities share a crucial part in biodiversity devastation. Biodiversity of tourist attractions including coral reef is threatened by rubbish, pollution, anchors and a search for seashell and ornamental fish..