Nat Ma Taung National Park -

Year of Declaration:  2012
Area (hectares): 72,300
Area and Location:

Kampetlat, Matupi, and Mindat Townships, Myanmar.



Features Mt. Victoria (Khaung Neu Thom or Earth Mother Goddess), the highest mountain in Chin Hill, Chin State; well-known for its floral biodiversity, and was known as a “plant hunter’s paradise”.


Habitat Types:

Lowland dipterocarp forest; hill evergreen forest; moist upper mixed deciduous forests, pine forest and hill savannah.


Unique Flora:

Potentilamontis victorade; Rhododendron burmanicum and R. cuffeanum, Roseoea australis; Hyponodopis spatulata; rare orchids and mosses.


Unique Fauna:

White-browed nuthatch (Sitta victoriae); serow (Capricomis sumatrensis); gibbons; Himalayan black bear; and lizard (Calotes chinollium).


Ecotourism Destination and Activities:

Mt. Victoria, site of many traditional customs; the Chin people with their own unique traditions; Chin National Day celebrated annually on February 20 to show traditional Chin arts and crafts, sports competitions like traditional archery ; women folk with tattooed faces;  Aye Sakan and Chin villages to see Y-posts showing record of significant events and dates in the family’s life, trophy boards inside the house and stone slabs; other activities include mountain climbing, trekking, bird watching, observing endemic and  rare flora and fauna, and  orchid tours.


Biological Richness: • 2,500 species of plants 
• 35 species of orchids 
• 152 species of mosses
• 31 species of mammals 
• 300 species of birds  
• 106 species of reptiles and amphibians  
• 77 species of butterflies  
• 35 species of beetles