About the AWGNCB

The benefits of collective action towards achieving sustainable development in the ASEAN have been highly recognized. In this regard, the ASEAN Leaders established the ASEAN Working Group on Nature Conservation and Biodiversity (AWGNCB) as a resolve to intensify cooperation in addressing problems associated with conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. It is part of a broader institutional framework on ASEAN Cooperation on the Environment [http://environment.asean.org] and serves as a technical advisory body to the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity.


The AWGNCB conducts annual meetings to have a consultative platform and further strengthen regional coordination and cooperation in addressing problems associated with natural biodiversity.

The AWGNCB also monitors and develops a common ASEAN stand, where applicable, on international and regional conventions and agreements related to nature conservation and biodiversity. 

31st AWGNCB Mtg

For more information on ASEAN Cooperation on Nature Conservation and Biodiversity, visit: http://environment.asean.org/awgncb