NBSAP - Brunei Darussalam

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National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans (NBSAPs)


The vision of the National Biological Resources (Biodiversity) Policy and Strategic Plan of Action for the 2015-2035 period is to achieve excellence in biodiversity management for enhancing the quality of life of the country's citizens. Four strategic objectives aim to: promote and implement biodiversity management strategies across sectors to ensure sustained social, economic and ecological benefits; promote green and well-balanced multisectoral development, through the wise use of a wide range of biological resources and the protection of ecosystem services; establish research and development networks and cooperation that can impact national economic growth and development, through the implementation of biodiversity-related conventions and as an ASEAN Member State; and support initiatives to increase biodiversity awareness, knowledge, understanding and experience among all levels of society. Policy strategies have been established for 4 specific themes: unique habitats; ecosystems and environmental stability; industrial application; and the international agenda.

Brunei Darussalam prepared a Strategic Plan of Actions which addresses 13 specific themes: terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity resource planning and management; protection and management of areas designated under the Heart of Borneo Initiative, and other reserved areas; sustainable natural resources management; a national communication strategy and outreach program for the Heart of Borneo Initiative; nature and ecotourism development; research and development for physical infrastructure; standard operating procedures, protocols and guidelines for Brunei Research Council laboratories and culture collection; operational capacity of and the efficiency and effectiveness of services provided by the Brunei Research Council; enhancement of international recognition and prestige of established centres; development of physical infrastructure re the Tropical Biodiversity Centre, Brunei Research Council, Marine Biodiversity Centre and the Traditional and Herbal Research Centre, including displays for biodiversity promotion and education; biodiversity awareness in education; excellence in biodiversity education for international prestige; and the establishment of a traditional and herbal research centre for the preservation of indigenous knowledge on plant use and its commercial potential. Key activities, including respective implementation timelines, are also defined in the document which constitutes the first NBSAP prepared by Brunei Darussalam.

Brunei Darussalam - Country Profile: https://www.cbd.int/countries/profile/?country=bn#facts