Mangrove Ecosystem

Another prominent type of ecosystem that naturally occurs in the Philippines, given the multitude of coastal areas of this country, is the mangrove ecosystem. Mangroves are medium-size and highly tolerant flora that can survive in brackish water (water which is more saline than freshwater, but not as much as seawater). The Philippines boasts having more than half of the world’s 70 mangrove species.

People draw benefits from mangrove systems as they serve as breeding and feeding grounds for local terrestrial and aquatic species, while also being “stop-over sites” for migratory species. They also contribute to ecological balance by stabilizing and minimizing sedimentation and siltation in coral reefs, while also facilitating the increase of land area by way of accumulated soil and debris.

While mangrove ecosystems are already dynamic and unstable environments due to their location, they are also commonly threatened by human interaction due to the utilization and consumption of coastal communities.

Ecosystem type
Marine and coastal ecosystem