Chu Mom Ray National Park

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Chu Mom Ray National Park - Legendary paradise in Kon Tum
Chu Mom Ray National Park is situated in western Kon Tum province, in the Central Highlands, close to the point where Viet Nam, Cambodia and Lao PDR meet. Located in an area of medium high mountains, the Park is named after Chu Mom Ray, which is the highest (1,773 meters) mountain in the region.

Chu Mom Ray was established as a National Park in 2001. The Park covers a total land area of 56,621 hectares, comprising a strict protection area of 40,566 hectares, a forest rehabilitation area of 12,137 hectares and an administration and services area of 3,918 hectares.

The National Park is adjacent to Virachey National Park in the Stung Treng and Ratanikiri provinces of Cambodia and the Southeast Ghong Natural Reserve in the Attapeu province of Lao PDR. Chu Mom Ray is also an important forest watershed for the Ya ly-Se san-Plei Krong hydroelectric plant and Kon Tum province.