Htamanthi Wildlife Sanctuary

Year of Declaration:  2019
Area (hectares): 215,072.61
Area and Location:

The sanctuary is located in Homalin and Kamti Townships, Sagaing



HWS lies in a transition zone of three biodiversity hotspots, all
relevant to clouded leopards and tigers: Himalaya, Indo-Burma and Mountains of Southwest
China. It is the southernmost Key Biodiversity Area of Northern forest Complex.


Habitat Types:

The sanctuary is composed of semi-ever green forests, swamp forest and,
upper mixed dry deciduous forest


Unique Flora:

Teak Tectona grandis, Iron Wood Xylia xylocarpa, Ka Nyin
Shorea robusta


Unique Fauna:

Some endemics and restricted range species include tiger (Panthera tigris), Leopard (Panthera
pardus), Clouded Leopard (Neofelis nebulosi), Asiatic Golden Cat (Catopuma
temminckii), Marbled Cat (Pardofelis marmorata), Jungle Cat (Felis chaus), Leopard
Cat (Prionailurus bengalensis), the Burmese Roofed Turtle (Batagur trivittata) which
are endemic to Myanmar


Ecotourism Destination and Activities:

As a first step of ecotourism, the two pilot villages on the western part of the
sanctuary are currently in consultation process with the authorities and the non-governmental
organizations to start with bird watching tour in the buffer zone. (Per the nomination document)


Biological Richness: • 266 bird species
• over 38 mammals
• 120 butterflies
• 16 orchids
• 77 reptiles