Ngoc Linh (Kon Tum) Nature Reserve

Year of Declaration:  2019
Area (hectares): 39,816
Area and Location:

The reserve is located within five communes of Xop, Dak Man, Dak Choong, Muong Hoong and Ngoc Linh.of Dak Glei district, Kon Tum province



The second highest mountain range in Viet Nam, following the Hoang Lien Mountain, the highest in South Viet Nam and Indochina and recognised as a Key Biodiversity Area, Important Bird Area, and Global Endemic Bird Area


Habitat Types:

Medium Montane Sub-tropical Broadleaf Evergreen Forest, Lower Montane Sub-tropical Broadleaf Evergreen Forest, Tropical Broadleaf Evergreen Forest


Unique Flora:

161 endemic species include Ngoc Linh Ginseng (Panax vietnamensis)


Unique Fauna:

Bird species endemic to Viet Nam is Garrulax ngoclinhensis; endemic mammals include Pygathrix cinerea, Nomascus gabriellae, Nesolagus timminsi, Muntinacus vuquangensis, Muntiacus truongsonensis, and two newly discovered species of Soricomorpha (Crocidura sokolovi and Crocidura zaisevi). eight species of primates include Macaca leonia, Pygathrix cinerea, Nomascus gabriellae; 14 rare species of reptiles and amphibians such as Python molurus and Ophiophagus hannah.


Ecotourism Destination and Activities:

Potential ecotourism sites and activities include majestic mountainous landscapes and primary forests; mountains, rivers and waterfalls together with cultural values such as the Ngoc Linh Mountain with the highest peak of 2,604 meters and Ngoc Reu Valley, another name "missing" Valley is associated with many myserious stories has not been discovered. 


Biological Richness: • 1,091 species of vascular plants
• 676 vertebrate species
• 65 species of Reptiles and Amphibians
• 326 species of Butterflies
• 234 species of birds