Vu Quang National Park

Year of Declaration:  2018
Area (hectares): 57,038
Area and Location:

Located in the Northwest of Ha Tinh province, 75 km away from Ha Tinh city



Vu Quang National Park is home to thousands of plants and animal species, many of which are in the need of conservation. It is located in a global priority ecological region, identified as extremely important in the conservation of biodiversity. Located in an important position in the Annamites Mountains


Habitat Types:

Forest ecosystems with river systems


Unique Flora:

94 out of the total number of plant species recorded in Vu Quang National Park are rare and endangered plants; 
Dominant plants include Lauraceae (108 species), Euphorbiaceae (81 species), Poaceae (more than 76 species); 686 species are considered medicinal plants


Unique Fauna:

Endemic species include Sao la-Pseudoryx nghetinhensis, new large mammal that had never been described previously (discovered in 1992) and Mang lon-Mega muntiacus vuquangensis discovered in 1993;
Home to other globally threatened animal species such as Bos gaurus, Black-shanked Douc Pygathrix nemaeus. Other  endemic species include Nesolagus timinsi and many rare animals such as Elephant, Tiger, Gaur, Saola, Pygathrix nemaeus, Nomascus leucogenys, Nesolagus timinsi, Bos gaurus, Trachypithecus hatinhensis, Pygathrix nemaeus and. There are Nycticebus Pygmaeus. Pavo muticus, Pheinardia ocellata, Jabouilleia danjoui and many other precious birds.


Ecotourism Destination and Activities:

Currently there are three tourist routes in the park: Tourist attractions in the administrative service area; Temple tour route: Phan Dinh Phung citadel, Dragon head stream, Canh Tien forest; and Waterfall route: Thang Day waterfall, Con Du underground lake.


Biological Richness: Nearly 1,800 species out of 737 genera belonging to 202 plant families including 131 endangered species
Mammal: 94 species have been recorded, of which 46 are listed in the Vietnam Red Data Book and IUCN Red List.
Bird: 315 species, of which 38 species are listed in the Vietnam Red Data Book 2007, Decree 32 and CITES.
Fish: 88 species; Amphibian - reptilians: 89 species; Butterfly: 316 species; Ant: 118 species; Spider: 38 species.