Earth Day

Happy Earth Day everyone! 

A healthy Earth – our blue and green planet – is crucial to our survival. The diversity in and of ecosystems provides essential services like food, water, and livelihoods, and are natural measures for reducing the risk of future pandemics.

The ASEAN, with its rich biodiversity, its variety of ecosystems, and the unique flora and fauna it shelters, understands that maintaining the health of these natural treasures is vital as all these interact together to perform various functions that help build our resilience as a region. But more needs to be done, with the ongoing climate crisis and pressing global challenges around.

We are all citizens of the Earth. This means that we are all expected to do our part in keeping our home planet healthy, and doing these together is the right way to go. Collaborations and synergies will result in more efficient actions in mitigating climate change, reversing biodiversity loss, and preventing future pandemics.



Earth Day