Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary

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Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary - Sanctuary of freshwater turtles and dolphins
Meinmahla Kyun was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1993 and covers an area of 13,700 hectares (137 square kilometers) in the Bogalay Township of Ayeyarwaddy. The Sanctuary was established to protect the remaining mangrove forests and as a refuge for species such as estuarine crocodiles and resident and migratory water and shore birds. The forests also serve as a breeding ground particularly for fish and prawn. The site also serves as a research area for the conservation of mangroves and wildlife, and as an environmental education center.

A total of 40 mangrove species and 53 species of medicinal plants dominate the Wildlife Sanctuary. Several bird species numbering about 88 are known to occur in the area. The Sanctuary also protects two freshwater turtle species-the mangrove terrapin and the Burmese roofed turtle. Freshwater dolphins have been reported in the area as well. Other signs of species richness include: 15 mammal species; 59 fish species; 12 prawn species; 10 crab species; 26 snake species, and one crocodile species (Htuin Paw Oo, 2007).