International Day of Biodiversity 2023


Biodiversity is life. It is what provides for our basic needs, and protects us from natural disasters and the prevalence of infectious diseases. Its importance has been affirmed globally, which is why in 1992 a day to celebrate biodiversity was officially proclaimed by the United Nations.

The ASEAN is teeming with natural resources, so much so that in the small land area that the region covers which accounts for just about three per cent of the world’s land area, it is where over 25 per cent of all the described species can be found. Over 660 million citizens of  ASEAN depend on this natural wealth for livelihood, welfare, and well-being.

Love for nature transcends boundaries, languages, and cultural differences. The ASEAN community is one with the world in celebrating this year’s International Day for Biological Diversity with a strong commitment to contribute to the achievement of global biodiversity targets. This platform was designed to share how the ASEAN region commemorates this year’s IDB through awareness-raising, capacity enhancement, and conservation initiatives at the local, national, and regional levels.

Know more about how the IDB 2023 was celebrated in the ASEAN region here: