The Non-use Value of the Bordering Five Forests Province of the Eastern Forest Complex


Wild Elephant_Publication


Protecting Wild Elephants’ Habitat

“While economic development is important, we must also consider the ecological and conservation value of protected areas like the Khao Sip Ha Chan National Park in Thailand, which serves as a habitat for wild elephants.”

The Khao Sip Ha Chan National Park (KSHC-NP) in the Eastern Forest Complex (EFCOM) is recognised as one of the most important wild elephant habitats in Thailand. However, the significance of KSHC-NP as one of the major wild elephant habitats has often been overlooked, particularly in view of the construction of the Wang Tanod Reservoir in KSHC-NP. This study thus determined the non-use value of wild elephants and their habitat, with the expectation that the findings could be used to represent the benefits of the ecosystem services of Khao Sip Ha Chan if left undisturbed.

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