Fifth National Report of Thailand

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National Report

Thai people has exploited biodiversity for subsisting basic needs in life such as four requisites and as resources for well being livelihood since prehistoric era. In Thai culture, even in present day, there is a phrase usually use for describing wealthy of biodiversity resources as “in waters (there was) plenty of fish and in paddy field plenty of rice”.

Locating on the felicitous geography, Thailand is noticed as one of the world’s bounties on natural biodiversity resources and being rank as the first twentieth country those posses the world’s most abundant on biodiversity. Thai people has subsisted on and derived their tradition as well as culture with local biodiversity. It might be said that from being delivered to buried, Thai people would be associated with biodiversity. Biodiversity is important to Thai people for several dimensions such as food, herbal medicine, part of worship or ritual ceremony, main sector for national income and part of basement knowledge for development of science and technology. Furthermore, biodiversity also be important part of beautiful scenario which is the most important component of country tourism industry.