Lampi Marine National Park

ASEAN Heritage Parks
Lampi Marine National Park - Myanmar's first national park
Lampi Marine National Park was established in 1996 with an area of 20,484 hectares in the Boatpyin Township of Taninthayi Division. The Park encompasses a section of the Mergui Archipelago including the large island of Lampi, several smaller islands and the seas around them. It was declared an ASEAN Heritage Park in December 2003. Lampi Island is about 48 kilometers long and has a maximum width of six kilometers. The Island's topography is generally hilly and rises steeply from sea level to 270 meters, and 500 meters in some areas. Much of the coast is rocky, although there are a number of sandy beaches, bays and inlets. The Park boasts large caves and plenty of freshwater sources on the Island, and major coral formations around the smaller islands.

Several medium-sized islands and smaller islets are found within the Park boundary, and include Wa-de-kyun, Pulo Nala (Eyes Island), Kanzagyi, War Kyun (Dolphin Island) and the Gregory group. Wa-ale Kyun and Pulo Nala Myun are located close to Lampi Island, but are separated by two narrow channels. The total area of the islands is 79.09 square miles (20,484 hectares) (Htuin Paw Oo, 2007).