Ba Be National Park

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Ba Be National Park - Home to Viet Nam's largest and highest natural lake
Ba Be National Park, located in Bac Kan Province, is the premier tourist site in northeast Viet Nam. The Park is named after Ba Be Lake, Vietnam's largest and highest, natural freshwater lake, situated at about 150 meters above sea level. The Lake is the centerpiece of a landscape dominated by limestone mountains and covered in thick forest.

Ba Be actually means 'three lakes' or 'Slam Pe' in the local Tay language. These lakes are Pe Leng, Pe Lu and Pe Lam. Ba Be is a continuous body of water with numerous small inlets and islets, stretching nearly 8 kilometers from north to south. Because of its rugged splendor, Ba Be is sometimes referred to as the "Ha Long Bay of the mountains". Ba Be was declared a national park in 1992 and covers 10,048 hectares. The National Park was established to conserve important ecosystems, rare plant and animal species and, in particular, the special landscapes centered on Ba Be Lake.