Meinmahla Kyun Wildlife Sanctuary - Sanctuary of freshwater turtles and dolphins

Year of Declaration:  2003
Area (hectares): 13,670
Area and Location:

Bogalay Township of Ayeyarwady Division, Myanmar.



The Park was established to protect the remaining mangrove forests and as a refuge for estuarine crocodiles and resident and migratory water and shore birds; breeding ground for fish and prawns;  research area  for the conservation of mangroves and wildlife; and as an environmental  education centre.


Habitat Types:



Unique Flora:

Mangrove species such as kanazo, madama, thame, thayaw, kambala and thinbaring; medicinal plants.


Unique Fauna:

Freshwater turtle species such as the mangrove terrapin and the Burmese roofed turtle;  several bird species;  freshwater dolphins; sambar deer (Cervus unicolor); hog deer; small Indian civet; wild cats; estuarine crocodiles; fish; prawns; crabs; tortoise; and rock python. 


Ecotourism Destination and Activities:

Bird watching and observation of myriad species of wildlife that abound in the area; watch marine turtles lay eggs at Kadonlay beach from November to January.


Biological Richness: • 40 species of mangroves
• 53 species of medicinal plants
• 15 species of mammals
• 88 species of birds
• 59 species of fish
• 12 species of prawns
• 10 species of crabs
• 26 species of snakes
• one species of crocodile